Fellowship Support

Through the generosity of the Survey Research Center and individual donors to endowed fund, the fellowship is available to support the costs to attend the Summer Institute. The fellowship honors  Leslie Kish, a faculty who made significant contributions to the educational program of the Summer Institute. The fellowship is designed to support participants with particular background to study survey sampling (the Kish fellowship).

All participants awarded fellowship support from the Summer Institute are required to maintain a B or better average in their course work.

Leslie Kish International Fellowship

Leslie Kish was Co-founder and Research Scientist Emeritus of the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research, and Professor Emeritus of the Department of Sociology. In a professional career spanning more than six decades, he was a distinguished scientist, statistician, and professor, developing many important tools in survey sampling and stimulating research into a wide range of problems.

In 1961 Professor Kish founded the Sampling Program for Foreign Statisticians (the Sampling Program for Survey Statisticians today) devoted to training statisticians from developing countries, as well as others, in sound probability sampling methods for diverse complex survey research problems. The Sampling Program has trained more than 500 participants from over 100 countries since its inception. He was instrumental in the teaching and administration of this program for nearly 40 years.

When Professor Kish died in 2000, the Institute for Social Research established the Leslie Kish International Fellowship to recognize his scholarly achievements and devotion to teaching. Funds are used to support Summer Institute participants from outside the U.S. studying survey sampling.

We strongly encourage all fellowship applicants to seek out additional sources of funding in order to have the full financial support needed to participate in the Summer Institute. Because Program funds are limited, awardees may be offered support which will only cover Summer Institute course fees. Only in exceptional circumstances will awards include travel and stipend support. Leslie Kish International Fellowship recipients are required to apply for the Sampling Program for Survey Statisticians program and enroll in Analysis Methods of Complex Survey Data, Methods of Survey Sampling, and Workshop in Survey Sampling Techniques.

How to Apply

To apply for the Leslie Kish International Fellowship awards, complete the following by February 15, 2020: