International Application Checklist

International participants may attend the Summer Institute for academic credit or as Summer Scholars. We strongly urge you to consider attendance as a Summer Scholar unless you specifically require academic credit. All participants requiring the Summer Institute assistance to obtain a visa are required to complete the following:

  1. Submit a current copy of your CV to the Summer Institute office.
  2. Submit a copy of your passport to the Summer Institute office.
  3. Send a letter of support from your faculty advisor or employer to the Summer Institute office. The letter of support should contain information on how your background shows you are prepared for your course selection and how you will use the information and knowledge when your return home. This letter must be on university or company letterhead with the recommender's signature.
  4. Proof of English language proficiency to both the Summer Institute offices and Shared Services.  One of the following: a recognized English language test; signed documentation from an academic institution or English language school; or letter from a professor of English at the scholar's home institution that has interviewed the scholar and certified that she or he is able to function as a researcher in an English-speaking academic environment, mentored and supervised by our professor in the intended discipline.
  5. Financial documentation for all non-UM funding source(s) to Shared Services.
  6. Purchase health insurance for your stay in the US. Health insurance coverage is coordinated through the UM International Center.
  7. If you have held J-1 or J-2 status within the past two years, legible photocopies
  8. If you are currently in the US copies of your current immigration documents (latest I-94, visa, I-20/DS-2019)
  9. Complete the Pre-Arrival Training for J-1 Exchange Visitors online.  Instructions will be sent from the University of Michigan's International Center.
  10. Upon arrival check in with the Summer Institute office located at 426 Thompson Street, Room 4050 before May 30 1, 2019.
  11. Upon arrival complete the Post-Arrival Training for J-1 Exchange Visitors online.  Instructions will be sent from the University of Michigan's International Center.
  12. Check in with the UM International Center upon arrival in the United States. Attending the Physical Presence check-in session is mandatory after completing the two online trainings. You must wait one day after completion of the online training to attend the Physical Presence check in.  Your J-1 Visa status is not official until you have completed this step.  Check in will be on a walk-in basis, weekdays from 1:00-4:00 PM.  The International Center is located at 1500 Student Activities Building, 515 East Jefferson Street, which is a short walk from the Summer Institute office.

Mailing Address

Summer Institute
426 Thompson Street
P.O. Bo 1248
Ann Arbor, MI 48106

Fax: 734-764-8263